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8 responses to “Watch the Trailer

  1. i am so impressed…think the trailer looks great and can’t wait to see more. much love!!!

  2. Lisa Bostwick

    I loved your trailer. It highlights 2 issues I am currently working on. Locally grown, urban gardening and bicycle commuting. I am inspired by your work and am interested in discussing showing your documentary at a bicycle commuting awareness event in August. Please let me know who I should talk to about making this happen. Thanks again for the trailer, I look forward to watching the documentary.

    Lisa Bostwick
    Greater Akron Partnership for Sustainability

  3. I am so impressed with your works. Wahoo to technology . Read about it in the Post this a.m. Watched the trailer. I am an avid supporter of sustainable gardening and living. In the 60’s gardened in the Victory Gardens of Boston , had a roof top plot on Boylston St. across from the Trinity Church and promoted kitchen gardens while a PCV in Liberia and later in Mali and Zambia. Now a new resident in Strasburg trying to convince neighbors and community that gardens are a grass roots movement of every dimension. Will come to your show in Purseville, maybe on my bike. Zelda

  4. Brendan Norman

    Lara and friends,

    Way to go! Let’s get your documentary out to the PNW.

  5. dhijana scott-harmony

    Kudoes to all of you for undertaking this mighty and worthy project. I loved the trailer- now how can the rest of us who live outside DC (I live in Charlotte NC) get the opportunity to see the whole thing and share it with others. It would seem to be the kind of thing that will kickstart discussions of urban agriculture and locavorism, sustainability, environmental awareness and all the rest. Let me know how I can access the movie to show down here. Thanks, dhijana

  6. Is it possible to get a preview copy of the film? What is the public screening fee?
    Thank You,
    Wendi Dennis
    Education/Outreach Coordinator
    Rehoboth Beach Film Society
    107 Truitt Ave.
    Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
    302-645-9095 x 2

  7. This is great, I live in Charlottesville, Va. and am starting a business for locals who want or need their own gardens in town. This is inspiring and Vinegar Hill Theater would show your film I bet; ( local film house ). I would love to pick your brains about what you saw and the types of gardens you came across. I could tell from your trailer there were individuals who were really turned on by their tomatoes. How cool. Take care

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