Photo Diary

End of the Road

Northern Massachusetts to Providence, Rhode Island 

Ruth and Becky’s House  – our first rest stop in Massachusetts greeted us with loud barking dogs, friendly chickens and geese, and a warm floor to sleep on

puerto rican purple bean beauty

Nuestras Raices Farm – Holyoke, Massachusetts 9/17/07

Tierra de Oportunidades

Nuestras Raices – Holyoke, Massachusetts 9/17/07

Farm Store hours

Nuestras Raices Farm – Holyoke, Massachusetts 9/17/07

Mr. Goat

Nuestras Raices Farm – Holyoke, Massachusetts 9/17/07

barn construction

Nuestras Raices Farm – Holyoke, Massachusetts 9/17/07

Paige and the Garden Cyclers

Montview Neighborhood Farm – Northampton, Massachusetts 9/18/07

mountain of nasturtiams

Montview Neighborhood Farm – Northampton, Massachusetts 9/18/07

sheet mulching – great technique for eliminating weeds with out much work

Montview Neighborhood Farm – Northampton, Massachusetts 9/18/07

chickens and sheet mulching – a great combination!

Montview Neighborhood Farm – Northampton, Massachusetts 9/18/07

anise hyssop

Montview Neighborhood Farm – Northampton, Massachusetts 9/18/07

Paul! (and Brandon not photographed)

our most gracious hosts in Northampton, Massachusetts

on the road again

making out way towards Boston!


Co-op in Worchester, Massachusetts fed us a great meal and put us up in their barn!

The Food Project!

Farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts

farm design.

The Food Project – Lincoln, Massachusetts

these old tracktors are still in use!

The Food Project – Lincoln, Massachusetts

kat loads up pumpkins

The Food Project – Lincoln, Massachusetts

Lara and her baby blue bell!

The Food Project – Lincoln, Massachusetts

lara harvests pumpkins!

The Food Project – Lincoln, Massachusetts

wheels keep turning…Lara left us in Boston but we continued on to Providence, RI

City Farm part of Southside Community Landtrust – Providence, RI

the sun flowers of City Farm

Southside Community Landtrust – Providence, RI

buddhist temple and family houses surround this city farm

Providence, RI

City Farm compost – Providence, RI

our last stop on this tour…City Farm

Southside Community Landtrust – Providence, Rhode Island

This was an inspiring journey to see how farming is shifting into a new role in the lives of rural, suburban, and urban folks. People are recognizing the importance of food in our lives and are reaching out to be more connected with how it is grown and produced.

The Garden Cyclers want to thank all the farmers we met in our travels, all the future farmers we encountered, all the supporters and contributors to gardens and farms, our friends and families, and to all the strangers who helped us throughout our journey.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you!


Travelin’ Down South Towards Home

We traveled through Vermont to northern Massachusetts across to Boston and then to Providence, Rhode Island (our last stop)

last day in Montreal, our northern most point – a beautiful city filled with gardens and great gardeners

our bicycle trail out of montreal – we’d tell you how we got on it but it was absoluetly impossible to find – some nice strangers led the way through the suburbs and suddenly we magically appeared on this glorious trail that led us out of montreal and through some very scenic country….glorious day just to be

lara is packin’ up for the states – we stayed the night near the border in a nice family’s yard who roasted ‘local’ marshmellows with us the night before – they spoke french and we spoke english but we understood one another and laughed

an open road leading us back to the states…

vermont! we are on our way to Isle Lamotte to find the Green Mountain Permaculture Institute

to learn more – visit:


claude’s house & the green mountain permaculture institute

companion planting – the interweaving of beneficial species all in one bed – it might look messy but it’s bursting with productivity – permaculture, it’s all about the design

herbs galore! any common ailment could be cured by foraging through this bed…

for liz’s birthday she received a bouquet of wild flowers that she fixed on to her bike so that she could spread wild flower seeds all the way to burlington, vermont

burlington = awesome street performers

burlington = great artists

burlington = incredible farm projects

we went and visited the intervale and we helped out with their healthy city program, read more:

burlington = compost

NOTE: Ben & Jerry’s sends there compost to the intervale composting facility….it’s big…oh, and we met the lady who painted the dumpster….sweet!

check it:

liz and lara L O V E compost – that’s a great big pile right behind them!

look at all the products they make from our waste!

we helped the healthy city program by harvesting tomatoes (that were going towards public school lunches), we cut flowers that were going to adorn tables at a wedding and be sold at market, we harvested kale, peppers, eggplants, and we learned a good bit about the intervale: and what their Healthy City program does

pickin’ peppers

debates over eggplants…

we heard they had a bicycle powered weeding machine so we had to come check this farm out….which is also part of the intervale. check them out:

weeding can be comfortable – this will save your back if you plan on farming (without herbicides) for years and years

on the road again – burlington was great but we had to leave to meet up with more great people and other great projects…next stop – middlebury, vermont

middlebury, vermont – beautiful town where we are visiting middlebury college’s Slow the Plough Garden

Slow the Plough Garden – Middlebury College

the garden sits on top of a hill overlooking the town and the college – a place for students to escape to when academic life becomes too stressful

jay, the garden and life mentor for many of the students, and the garden cycles team – it was truly an honor to have met with him and hear his views about the space

the garden’s solar powered well

future farmer – robbie! our fabulous host in Middlebury

on the road again – heading towards northampton, massachusetts

Vermont helped us with directions.

the Green Mountain state is beautiful

best part of waking up…

the cute little play house became our home, we cooked out on the porch and read our books inside – good thing we asked to stay in the little house because an incredible wind/rain storm passed by our home earlier that morning

ah ha! fall! it might be 80 in D.C. in mid October but we felt the blessed fall weather when traveling through vermont

sun’s rays golden touch on Vermont

Massachusetts! We truly felt welcomed that day.




about to cross the border into canada!

Canadian farm land and a beautiful sunset…due to being held at the border for sometime we didn’t actually cross till 6pm

nice ride in the dark to montreal – safety first with this crew of riders

day 2 in montreal – a bicycle ride along lachine canal to take in old industrial sites

this is in the old port section of the city – old industrial building is the back drop to the city’s yearly garden demo show

montreal – where window boxes burst with flowers…little pocket gardens

serious discussions about food security are brought up on street corners in the touristy part of town

…our minds never at rest

blockin’ streets….why? because they are ‘our streets’

lawn bowling is happenin’ in montreal…we wanted to join in on the fun BUT we have projects to visit, plus, this group of folks would kick our butts

here we are again…on our bicycles about to deliver meals to elderly residents in montreal…we are biking, cooking, and gardening with Santrolpol Roulant for the next few days to understand how their organization works

outside the entrance – back drop – Santrolpol Roulant’s green graffited wall

liz – truly ready to deliver hot meals and get pretty lost in the city of montreal

a little bit lost going to our first stop – after this we all split up and did our own deliveries in different parts of the city

2 days later we went to the largest farmers market in Montreal – Jean Talon Market – this was with a visit from Lara’s mom and with Liz’s parents!

we ate our way through this market!

an unexpected visit – we went to a UU church for some soul searchin’ and we ended up in a garden talking about Action Communiterre – what does that say?!

Ann!! This is Liz’s grandmother’s friend who we stayed with for half of our time in Montreal…she fed us delicious local blueberries and told us great stories

the rooftop garden project – edible campus idea – garden site at mcgill university where alternatives and Santropol Roulant are working together on this demonstration garden site where all the food goes to SR’s meals-on-wheels program

tomatoes ripen on mcgill university’s campus…students don’t seem to pay much attention but some parents walk by asking questions…it is a good demonstration of what campuses could certainly do to add a little greenery to their many cement edges

these containers are great! they have a built-in reservoir on the bottom that holds water and the plants pull up the water they need…a great system that we are going to try and set up when we get back!

great use of recycled containers…pretty to look at

the folks who work in this garden say that they loose about 1/3 of the produce to sticky fingers that pass by….this sign helps…some




Keep Rollin’

We have been traveling! We have covered roughly 190 miles since Philadelphia and we have roughly 190 more miles to go till we hit Montreal!

Here are some of the sights and folks we’ve met along the way.

somewhere in New Jersey – lunch break

lawrenceville, nj – lawrenceville community center cooking demo with Mr. Mikey

pesto pasta makin’ – the kids harvested the basil from their garden

princeton, nj – learning throgh landscapes – princeton junior school’s incredible garden program

Fran – our incredible host in Princeton! we are picking up her CSA share at Cherry Grove Farms

audio. visual. observation – johnson park school – edible school yard

great food. great people – medeterra restaurant – princeton, nj

The Whole Earth Center – non-profit grocery store – local ice cream that uses mint from the johnson park edible school yard! yum!

dorothy’s (school garden guru & founder of suppers for sobriety) her yard which tells those who pass to cut and take the edible goodies within reach

fran, ian, kat, and herb – the family that hosted us in princeton, nj – they rode with us to see us off!

no way to get into ny, ny except for the gw bridge – we were upset that we had to take nj transit…you can probably sense that from this foto

lower east side new york city – can you believe it?! little to no concrete here.

la familia verde’s farmers market – the bronx, ny

market pasta salad demo – la familia verde’s farmers market – bronx, ny

canoe trip on the east river – bronx, ny

friends of brook park in the bronx are working hard to open up more public access points along the east river

new friends.

jenny! friend from d.c is now a farmer at added value farm in redhook, ny

2 acre farm in the city. youth sell produce they grow to local restaurants and at their farmers market

pleasant park garden – east harlem, nyc

east new york farms – community/youth run farm…great people. great farm

east new york farms!!! we harvested cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, pull beans, and weeded the rainbow chard beds. great day.

leavin’ nyc

capturing the beautiful greenway on our way out of the city…we’re headin’ north towards tarrytown, ny

john, lara, and kat – excited…we’re out of the city and in westchester county…finally.

we visited hens while in tarrytown, ny.

chefs feed pigs day old bread @ stone barns farm (it was really good bread so we took a few rolls for the road)

womens garden cyclers with Julie the assistant livestock manager @ stone barns farm – ny

tastin’ delicious berry tomatoes from the stone barns greenhouse

camping along the might hudson! croton point state park

in poughkeepsie we’ve gone to the county fair

we learned where the food we eat originates @ the poughkeepsie farm project with the green teens

the state we’re in…

we’re off to germantown next, then albany, and then canada! wish us luck!



On the Road

D.C. to Baltimore – 47 miles (57 miles when lost)

lara is smilin’ her way to baltimore

we take hills seriously – we’re almost to baltimore at this point

we arrive in baltimore to find this….beautiful garden mid-east baltimore

we make some friends – mid-east baltimore garden

we make more friends and liz wants to keep bees – Leakin garden, Baltimore

we are re-energized by harriet our incredible host and her beautiful garden

baltimore, md

our first stop was amazin’ and we are ready to head out to philly

Baltimore to Philadelphia – 110 mile (when rollin’ through Amish country)

on the road to Philadelphia…we are about to realize how hilly Pennsylvania really is…

one of many hills…some where b/w Baltimore and P(hilly)

oh yeah!

crossing the susquehanna river

a very low susquehanna river

this might be a reason why we are bicycling…

philly! our nice spot on baltimore ave.

benjamin has been giving us advice while we’ve been here

we’re in this for the fresh veggies…

University City High School Garden

West Philly, PA – part of the Urban Nutrition Initiative

our mobile office – university city high school garden

West Philly, PA – July 13, 2007

city hall – downtown, philadelphia

July 14, 2007 Urban Farm Bicycle Tour Philadelphia

Weaver’s Way Coop Farm – 1st stop

2nd stop – Mill Creek Farm – West Philly, PA

documenting in action…

living roof – Mill Creed Farm 2nd stop

3rd stop – Spring Gardens – fairmount neighborhood, philly

july 14, 2007

less formal garden site – west philly, pa

july 14, 2007

abandoned site new site for small garden – west philly – july 14, 2007

buy fresh, buy local kick off event @ Yard’s brewery…it was yummy!

july 15, 2007

there was a dunk tank…kat decided to hop in…she got dunked several times.

buy fresh, buy local kick off event – july 15, 2007

one of many beautiful murals – philadelphia

july 15, 2007



D.C. Community Garden Hop

June 9th, 2007

On Saturday, June 9th a group of 30 cyclists met up at the Melvin Hazen Community Garden to begin a tour of 9 garden sites throughout D.C.’s northwest quadrant. It was quite a tour! Our goal was to visit 9 sites but we only made it to 8 and they included, in visited order: Melvin Hazen Community Garden, East Colombia Heights guerilla garden, Twin Oaks garden, Fort Stevens Community garden, Peabody Garden, Blaire Road garden, U.S. Airmen’s Home Garden, and finally the 7th Street Garden. Here are some photos from that day’s journey!


Mike “the marshal” keeping cyclists safe

guerilla garden

East Colombia Heights guerilla garden

Corina Prince, Kat, and Milmoe talk about gardening at Fort Stevens Community Garden

Mr. Bill Vance gives us a tour of the Peabody Garden

Mr. Howard Williams talks about his 50 years of garden experiences at the Blaire Road Garden

tim was part of a garden in woodley park that was destroyed by condo developers. he told his story at the beautiful blair garden.

U.S. Airmens Home on Rock Creek Church Road

enjoying the beautiful weather and a laugh at the U.S. Airmens Home, a lesser known garden maintained by retirees.



Farm Visits

Potomac Vegetable Farm – Vienna, Virginia

Fall 2006

West Philly, PA

Fall 2006

Mill Creek Farm

Garden tour by Chris Hill

Greengrow Farms


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  1. You garden cycle women are fantastic. It makes me so happy to see these snapshots of the adventure so far. The pics of your bikes all loaded are impressive and inspirational.
    I love you ladies!
    Rock on!!!

  2. Hi Kat, Lara and Liz,

    what a great project! I wish you a good journey and many nice experiences!


  3. Hey Kat,

    Just wanted to say hi! The site, pictures and whole idea of your project are awesome. I’ve actually been to most of the places you visited in NYC and Upstate NY for my job with WHY. They are truely awesome people, so glad you got to meet em!

  4. You guys are so freakin’ hot. And insightful. The sight of you all in spandex makes me think about how…smart…you are. No for real this is hella inspirational. I can’t wait to see y’all in October!

  5. Way to Go!!!!!!! I am so impressed, that’s a haul and you are doing great work (and eating) from the looks of the photos! When you arrive back in DC- I’ll probably be up north in NYC. Drop a line, bike on by… great ride! R.

  6. Hey ladies!
    I just read about your project and am so inspired! I work for a community gardening organization in Denver and it’s always exciting to see other bountiful gardens and passionate garden/farm folk. If you’re ever inspired to bike it out this way, we’ve got some good stuff happening with the gardens, an urban farm, and a great bike collective!

  7. G’day ladies, your story/website is great! Thank you for showing some of the many great people and projects happening in that part of world. I got the link from Michael Levenston of Urban Agriculture in Vancouver and I’m looking at it in Adelaide, South Australia! And now I’ll send the link to my friends over in NSW! Best wishes and thank you

  8. great photos

    looking forward to the documentary

  9. Awesome work Ladies! Well Done!
    Thoroughly enjoyed your travel log.
    Defintely an actions speak louder than words project you’ve done to inspire us all.

    God Bless

  10. It’s all so beautiful–the people, the gardens, the landscape–makes me vaklemt. Looking forward to the documentary; you three (and many others) have a lot to be proud of and hopeful about!!!

  11. What an adventure – one I can only dream of. Your pics were amazing. I’m suprised you didn’t stop at any of the Armish communities – they must have amazing gardens given they produce everything they consume. Thankyou for sharing your journey with us.

  12. Major props for a great effort. I hope to see the film sometime. Inspirational.

  13. what a beautiful adventure, i love picking carrots, and the guy that made his own “weeding bed”! Holy cow, thats a great idea and will be the first thing that i build once i get that farm a runnin.

  14. This is incredible. And inspiring.

  15. What an inspiration! For people who are tired of the modern life, this proves that there are alternate lifestyles out there and a great way to see the world on bicycles.

  16. Check out

    I dig your ride .
    Urban tilth and richmond spoes aspire to do the same in richmond californa Look us up if you in town.

    DC Spokes coming your way .

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