Below is a list of all the different sites we visited along our journey and you’ll also find some sites that we didn’t have time to visit but wished we had. Some of the places we ventured to did not have websites but you can find their contact information here. Enjoy!

 Baltimore, MD

Pocket Gardens – Peter, an OSI fellow, has been working with youth in the Remington neighborhood constructing terquois boxes and planting beautiful flowers in a neighborhood with few green spaces.

City Farms – Baltimore City government, through their Parks and Recreation, provide 7 different community garden sites and they are working on expanding gardening opportunites for city residents.

Forrest Street City Farm – is a great project which is an activist initiative and public art project that is based on converting a vacant lot in East Baltimore into a sustainable urban farm and social space.  

Philadelphia, PA

Mill Creek Farm – is a collectively run urban education farm that has converted vacant land into a productive farm that provides access to fresh produce, promotes sustainable ways of living, and in general – rock people’s socks off!

Urban Nutrition Initiative – they create K – 16+ curriculum that empowers youth to be leaders in their communities and schools – advocating health and nutrition initiatives.  

GreensGrow Farms – it started out as an experiment in urban agriculture, taking over a superfund site and turning it into a space where hydroponic salad greens are grown, where CSA shares are picked up, and where greenhouses filled with vegetable and flowers are sold – helping people reconnect with their food in the greatest of ways.

Philly Orchard Project – their goal is to plant orchards in the city to provide a free or low cost food source, create jobs, reduce crime, increase summer cooling, and create beautiful spaces – and a number of organizations are working together to make this project successful.

Weavers Way Co-op Farm – is a community grocery co-op that really believed in fresh and really local produce and decided to take on farming as a project and it’s a project that’s been a great success. 

Farm to City – their simple goal is to connect communities and families in the cities with farmers year-round through locally grown food.

White Dog Community Enterprises – they have a grand vision of making the Philadelphia region an inclusive, just, and environmentally friendly area based upon local business ownership. Note: they give out grants


4 responses to “Links!

  1. Loved the Post article. And I learned a lot…
    Thank you for your efforts!

    Reuben Jackson
    Washington, DC

  2. Loved what you did…and the film idea (movies influence the masses in ways other media does not).
    We have 2 movie theaters and work with the local farmers markets and growers. What would it cost to rent the film and is it in 35mm or dvd? Mary Lassila Omak Theaters

  3. I teach at a k-12 school in Richmond, and would love to rent the DVD or better yet, have you come down for a showing and presentation. We are having an all year focus in our school–“Earth Day Every Day”–and your attention to educating young people about the potential of sustainable agriculture fits in perfectly. The students would love you! Please email me!

  4. Re;Organic Gardening

    Hi Liz and Kat,
    if you are still in chile please contact me as i have an interest in Organic Gardening,

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