Our Story


We are three friends who completed a three-month-long bicycle journey to tour and document food-producing garden projects from Washington D.C. to Montreal – and back again. We completed this journey and the documentary film is now available for distribution!

who we are & where we are


Liz Tylander, also known as “the tree lady” lived in the D.C. area for over seven years. She enjoys wearing spandex more than most people and has an uncanny appetite for ice cream. Professionally, she’s done everything from birthday party gigs as ‘princess barbie’ to community organizing around tree plantings. Alter returning from the bike tour, Liz worked with the Urban Forestry Administration and became a Certified Arborist. Recently, she’s farmed in both Chile and Maine. She is currently studying to become a nurse and based in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Kat Shiffler, known for her accapella rendition of “holy diver”, is 100% Nebraskan, but transplated herself in D.C. for a time. Her jobs have been varied, she has worked researching international labor rights, apprenticed doing strawbale construction, lived in the himalayan kingdom of bhutan, worked as a bike mechanic and landscaper, and experimented in the realm of community radio and freelance journalism. She’s farmed in both Chile and Maine.  She currently makes films and writes about the environment for the School of Natural Resources in Lincoln, Nebraska. And she still dreams of eventually getting the chance to experience railbiking in the Adirondacks.


Lara “lightning fast” Sheets, grew up in a beach town but made her way to the capital city to work for the Smithsonian after college. She loves long conversations about anthropology and/or the pacific northwest. She’s known to be quite the puppeteer, greenroofer, musician, natural builder, dancer, storyteller… the list goes on and on. She’s worked as a gardener for the British Embassy and farming at the Glynwood Center in Cold Springs, New York. She currently lives and farms in Purcellville, Virginia.


19 responses to “Our Story

  1. go get em!
    come see me!

  2. this is so very awesome! i wish i could be riding with y’all in philly! have a good trip; i’m jealous!!
    … will be on tour back east with the donny hues in sept, perhaps we’ll cross paths!

  3. sweet! me too jealous!

  4. Happy birthday Lizzard!

  5. lizard – you’re the best

    can’t wait to see the doc

  6. I am thinking of you beautiful ladies, bring me light in the Dec. darkness of Sweden. You are all an inspiration. Keep up the work.

    Leah and Ivan

  7. Anne Gilbert Chase

    A friend of mine, Sara Newman, sent me the women’s garden cycle blog to spread the word. As it turns out I went to highschool with Liz and would love to get in touch with her and you all. super awesome adventure you all took!
    Good Luck and hope to get in touch.

    much love and peace
    Anne Gilbert

  8. How inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  9. You ladies are amazing, I would love to experience your positive energy here in beautiful Montana! Biking and gardening are huge here, I will pass around this email for inspiration around here, THANK YOU!

  10. ken hargesheimer

    Where can one purchased your dvd? Email me at minifarms@gmail.com

  11. vicki and jon verity

    Congratulations to Liz and friends! Loved the article in today’s WP.
    I am on the board of the SC Coastal Conservation League. I plan to share your work at our next board meeting Aug.1st. 1 of our 5 missions is sustainable agriculture.
    Onward and upward!

  12. shelley whitehead

    Hi there,

    I live in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, and am interested in BioIntensive Farming…I would love to get a copy of your doc…how can I get a copy?

    Love your blog…love your zest and vision!

    Thanks very much!

  13. erin(yet another)

    womyn, hear me roar for the roar you will/are making in the world where its grown clouded over by the big fat lie that life is void of life! how ridiculous! how noble you all are to put some color out there in the form of purple, blue, red, and thoughts grown wild as the wilderness. i love you all and dont even know you. thank you. i speak not as one person but from everywhere.

  14. Hi, I think your blog is terrific — I would like to feature you on Wellsphere. Would you drop me an email?

    Cheers, Geoff

  15. As a teacher, I’m thrilled to hear your passion for the value of youth engaged in urban agriculture, and sustainability as a whole. My school has its 08-09 focus as “Earth Day Every Day.” Would you consider coming to speak/show your documentary? We’re just a short bike ride down Hwy 1 to Richmond . . . Please contact me: hsmith@collegiate-va.org

  16. We would love to do an event with you ..would you be interested, We are a women founded Farmers Market (3 years) in Lewes DE and would love to screen your movie and have you give a talk…sally

  17. Hi gardening and cycling enthusiasts!

    I am beginning to dream up and gather resources for the seed of an idea I have about making a film about wwoof farms (willing workers on organic farms) across the globe. Please contact me if you are interested in contributing to the project in any capacity.

    Concept: “WWOOF World 2012”

    Premise: Follows my journey traveling by bike and by cargo ship, wwoof’ing for two-week stints on organic farms throughout west coast North America, South America, Africa (Uganda, Kenya), India, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and back to South America and then North America again.

    Angle: To show meaningful, exciting, soul-feeding travel and work around the world without the excessive use of fossil fuels, focusing mostly on the local food networks of non-western countries.

    Interviews: Organic farmers, locals from the communities, wwoof’ers themselves…

    Anticipated themes: Local food systems, food security, community, globalization, peak oil, volunteerism, travel and adventure, cross-cultural experiences, peace movements, spirituality, environmental issues, the inextricable links between politics, peace, human rights, and environment…

    Impact: To promote organic farming and to show how the Willing Workers on Organic Farms movement is taking off all over the world. I’m not totally interested in spending too much time in Europe, the States, or Canada – but who knows…

    Please give me feedback on my ideas. This is still brainstorming phase. I’ve created a mock-up itinerary. Let me know if you’d like to see it/add to it.




  18. Linda Corbin-Pardee

    Hi there,
    Your film looks fantastic and I’d love to get information about screening it. I program environmental films at UW-Milwaukee in the Union Theatre for a series entitled Share the Earth Environmental Film Series. We have a great following among students and community and I know people would love to see this film. If you could let me know, that would be great.

    Sharing the Earth,

  19. Kat, I heard about this from foodie friends some time ago. I met your mom tonight in San Antonio, and I definitely want to bring the film here. I’ll be e-mailing!

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