Cycling onto more events!

Howdy!  I hope the winter has kept your spirits up for an exciting Spring and Summer.  I know I’m elated to begin farm work and be in touch with the seasons, the elements, and witness the wonders of seeds sprouting into food once again!  Better yet, the Garden Cycles, has been nominated in the local, upcoming 2010 Phoenix Bikes Bike Show especially thanks to our dear friend, Susan Ellsworth.  Phoenix Bikes does great work in not only bikes but youth empowerment as well.  Another is with the New York Restoration Project in New York City.  They’re a nonprofit in which some of their community gardens were a part of our film and they also helped direct us to some inspiring folks who we interviewed.  They have an event and we’ve been invited to show our film.  We’re a little short of three years since we took the tour, but right when I think the film has finished with all the attention, we get word of another event.  I can only imagine all the other small scale showings of our film without our knowing, but it’s exactly what we’d prefer as it models the smaller scale version that we envision for our food system.  As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be farming with my friends at the Blue Ridge Center this season but will try to stay connected to update our site and hopefully not get too distracted with a busy summer.  Below is more information on the two events to come!  To the waning days of winter or do I speak too soon?!


2010 Phoenix Bikes Bike Show!ImageHello Friends of Phoenix Bikes,

I’d like to invite you to the Phoenix Bikes 3rd Annual Bike show! It is going to be an incredible event with good food, good drinks and some truly awesome auction items (like 4 commuter bikes, bike art, bike clothing of every size & style and so much more).

At the show, Phoenix Bikes will unveil artwork made by local artists that was inspired by seven Extraordinary Rides. Some of the rides that will be featured include a ride in which 3 women biked from DC to Montreal to learn about community gardens and to make a documentary film on the issue. Another is a rider working with Doctors Without Borders, who biked across Southern Sudan to help treat the crippling effects caused by the Guinea worm. The artwork is meant to inspire people to get out onto a bike and into the world!

So please come and make sure to buy your tickets early!

WHO: You, your friends, family & Phoenix Bikes
WHAT: The 2010 Phoenix Bikes Bike Show, featuring Extraordinary Rides!
WHEN: APRIL 8, 2010 from 7-9pm
WHERE: NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association) 4301 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA
HOW: By Bike, Metro, Foot or Auto

See you there!

Phoenix Bikes Bike Show 2010

Third Annual Gardeners Gathering: Growing Good Health!

On March 27, 2010, New York Restoration Project (NYRP) and 250 community gardeners, teachers, and families from P.S. 5 Ellen Lurie School will celebrate our neighborhood gardens and green spaces by exploring the many ways they help us live happy, HEALTHY lives.

Keynote speaker Ethne Clarke, Editor-in-Chief of Organic Gardening magazine, will kick-off the event with her unique perspective on the importance of green space and gardening to health.

Following the keynote, we will share an exciting overview of NYRP’s 2010 garden-based programs and resources. Next, participants will break out into workshops focused on a variety of garden and health-related topics.

Workshops include:

–          Preserving Your Healthy Harvest – Learn about the health benefits of lacto-fermentation and make your first batch of pickled vegetables. Participants will take home a jar of the vegetables they helped pickle. Taught by Jeffrey Yoskowitz.

–          Grow up in the Garden:  How to Engage YouthAre you a teacher? A parent? A youth leader? Learn fun activities you can enjoy with your family, your neighborhood, and your school.  Come away with new ideas, connections, activities, and a garden game. Taught by Rachael Brody and Vera Fabian.

–          Easy Seasonal Cooking with Chef Louisa Shafia: Join the author of Lucid Food: Cooking for an Eco-Conscious Life, as she shares with you her favorite early spring ingredients and surprising, simple ways to make them into healthy and beautiful meals. Take home recipes to share with your family.

–          Feed the Body, Feed the Soul: Meditation and Yoga in the Garden – We go to our gardens for healthy food, but we can also find spiritual nourishment. Learn how yoga and meditation can enrich your garden experience. Participants will take home a yoga mat. Taught by Maxi Kozler.

–          Seed Starting Certain types of seeds are best started indoors. Learn how to start your vegetables and flowers from seed, prepare your garden soil, and care for your young seedlings.  Participants will take home a planting tray with seeds and soil. Taught by Jason Sheets.

–          Talkin’ Trees – Participants will enjoy a special debut presentation of Talkin’ Trees—an interactive gameshow that highlights tree care as well as the many ways trees benefit our lives and make our city a more livable, breathable place. All participants will receive a Tree Care Toolkit including a bucket or hose, hand tools and gloves. Taught by Akiima Price and Omari Washington.

–          Swindler Cove Park and Riley-Levin Children’s Garden Tour – Love parks and gardens? Live or go to school in Washington Heights or Inwood? Explore the habitats, plants, and children’s garden that make up NYRP’s Swindler Cove Campus. Take home a native plant identification guide. Led by Dennis Rosario.

Next, participants will reconvene to enjoy lunch, continue visiting educational exhibits, and to socialize and network with fellow gardeners, educators, and NYRP staff and AmeriCorps.

Following lunch, participants will enjoy a series of short documentary films related to urban agriculture and health. Faces from the New Farm will be our feature presentation. Faces follows Liz Tylander, Lara Sheets and Kat Shiffler on a more than 2,000 mile bicycle journey in search “the new American farmer.” From Washington, DC to Montreal and back, the trio interview enthusiastic gardeners in urban areas, youth involved in food justice, new immigrant farmers and a new generation of back-to-the-landers. The film features The Food Project, Nuestras Raices, The Germantown Community Farm, The Intervale Center, and many others redefining the word “farmer”.

Finally, we’ll close the event with our annual raffle including cookbooks, event tickets, and potted spring flowers.



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