Garden Cycles makes an appearance at Hungry Filmmakers


Anna Lappe with filmmakers at the Hungry Filmmakers event


Hey all!

After making my transition from working on the farm at Glynwood for the past 10 months, I attended the Hungry Filmmakers.  An event co-curated by Shelley Rogers, filmmaker of “What’s Organic about Organic?” and Cathy Erway at the Anthology Film Archives on December 15th.  Other documentary presenters were: Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney of “King Corn” who showcased their upcoming film, “Big River” and “Truck Farm”.  Severine von Tarschner Fleming of “The Greenhorns”, “Grown in Detroit” by Manfred and Mascha Poppenk, and Sara Grady who presented a work in progress piece on climate change and the food system were other folks showcasing their important work.  It was a humbling experience to be  in company of well regarded filmmakers and such great work.  Anna Lappe, of the Small Planet Institute, was there to ask questions to each of us based on our films.   She did a fine job considering there was little time left before everyone headed out to Jimmy’s No. 43 for food and drinks.  I wish Kat and Lizz could have been there with me to share great company among folks who have done a great deal on getting information out to the media about all the layers involved with the food movement.  Whether it’s food access for low-income, a young bourgeoning farm movement, links between climate change and our food system, and a bike tour, it was explored here at this event.


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