Transitions and Updates



Apologies for our silence but it came for a time to recover from the festival, organize distribution, and to get our film out to those that took time to share with us their part in the current food movement.  Unbeknownst to many of you, Kat and Liz have been working on a farm in Chile, and now have been traveling.  They have an undecided return date in April, or so many of us hope:)  I am now also making a transition of my own.  I felt inspired by the bike tour itself  to either become an academic or a farmer and through deep thought, I’ve concluded to move in the direction of farming.  I’ll be joining folks at the Glynwood Center where I hope to learn as much as possible with farming and CRAFT workshops as well as understanding their role in the region as active guides for sustainable agriculture.  Please check them out if you haven’t heard about their promising initiatives.  


We still plan to be in touch with our email,, as well as updating this site as more folks invite us to speak about our documentary, “Faces from the new Farm”.  Speaking of which, we will show our film at the second annual “Rooting DC” workshop series that will bring garden enthusiasts of all types together to share and discuss.  Another great piece of news is that our film will show at the Dumbarton Oaks on March 17th as a part of the DC Environmental Film Festival.  More details will be provided soon.


In the meantime, here are some links to stay informed: an interview with Wes Jackson


Below is a link to a wide-ranging interview with Michael Pollan, who shares some ideas and approaches to healthier foods that may be new to many of us, click here to listen to the podcast.




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