Patience with our distribution

We are currently trying to figure out the most appropriate and locally beneficial option for distribution.  It would be easier to choose an online distribution site but we would like proceeds to benefit a community oriented initiative.  Please bear with us on this endeavor, but in the meantime, if you have an event you would like to show it at soon then you could do it through us until we find a replacement.  We are asking $10 from individuals and $50 from organizations and sliding scales can certainly be negotiated.  

If you are in the NYC area, then please join us for a screening of our film this Thursday-7pm, the 16th, at Bluestockings which is located at 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington :: 212.777.6028


2 responses to “Patience with our distribution

  1. Stephanie Sosinski

    I’m not sure if ya’ll remember, but we actually met at the Urban Ag. Conference in Milwaukee back in Feb./March 2008. I was with a small group from the University of Maine, and along with my very enthusiastic friend Jeff, were very interested in buying a copy of your film when it was beautifully finished. We took a copy of your trailer to show the kids back up here in Orono, and we got a great response, especially from students in our Sustainable Agriculture program (which I’m majoring in as well.)
    I was wondering, when you do decide which distribution method would work best, are you going to be sending out a mass email of some kind, or should I just check back here in a few weeks?
    We’d love to sponsor a campus film showing as soon as copies are available!

    You ladies are spectacular, and are indeed inspiring.
    Stephanie Sosinski,
    University of Maine, Orono
    4th year Sustainable Agriculture

  2. Hey there — are the costs you mention here for a showing of it, or for an actual copy? I would love to have a copy as soon as humanly possible! I cannot wait to add it to our farm library and share it with our workers.

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