Thank you!!!

A HUGE thank you goes out to the many wonderful people who came great distances from DC, Virgina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida on September 20th to see the premiere of our film, Garden Cycles Bike Tour presents: Faces from the New Farm. It was AMAZING!

Thanks to all the musicians who fueled the festivities with tasty beats!

Thanks to the stilters and puppetiers for the fanciful and enchanting performances! 

A huge thanks to all the farmers who helped to feed over 120 people! 

Thanks to Atila and Shawna of Mountain View Farm and the Blue Ridge Environmental Center for giving us that beautiful space, great food and wonderful support!

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers – friends and family alike – who helped make this event happen and for supporting us during this journey!

AND a special thank you to all the amazing people we met with along our journey that inspired us to make this film so we can share their stories with others!

We will be updating our website with information to give tips on how people can grow their own food and support the local farms and food justice organizations in our area. We will also be posting how people can get a hold of our film in the very near future – so stay tuned!

If you have photos from the event PLEASE send them to us! We would love to add them to our website.

Everyone who attended made this a very special event that we will never forget!

Thank you!

Liz, Lara, and Kat

the garden cyclers


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