a BIG late THANK YOU! to everyone @ the film preview!

Our film preview at the Letelier Theater was a great success — with over 160 people in attendance!  We showed the film twice to packed audiences.  The evening started out with words from our co-sponsors:  Pablo of the Letelier Theater’s Local Food Series, Renee of Edible Chesapeake Magazine, Katie of America the Beautiful Fund and Liz and Susan of the 7th Street Garden.  We had gourmet pizzas from Coppi’s Organic, treats from Just Cakes and beer from Flying Dog brewery.  It was a great time!

NOW we are looking at all the helpful feedback we received from our audience members and finishing the film in collaboration with our powerhouse editor Victor.  We’ll let you know how to see the final version — for now, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  After the screening we can really see that a lot of people are invested in these issues — we thank our community of supporters!


One response to “a BIG late THANK YOU! to everyone @ the film preview!

  1. disgruntled ex-dancer

    that’s all well and good, but what happened to the video of your even funner fundraiser, the dance contest? inquiring minds inquire.


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