New Farmers in NYT Style Section


This Sunday’s New York Times verifies that organic farming is an increasingly popular option for disenchanted urbanites.  The article introduced a number of liberal-arts educated young people who upon living the bohemian dream in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, decided to move to the country and start a CSA.  Examples in the article include start-ups Hearty Roots Farm, Broadturn Farms and Awesome Farm.  KayCee Wimbish, pictured above, described her path to the NYT.

Ms. Wimbish grew up in Tulsa, Okla., a child of the suburbs, and it wasn’t until she moved to New York that she discovered farmers’ markets and the politics of food. She worked the last two summers at Hearty Roots and became hooked on the agrarian life. “Moving to New York City,” she said, “was what first got me interested in food and farming.”

This identity – young, creative, urbanites – appeared to us time and time again on the Bike Tour.  It is an interesting angle to categorize the story of young urbanites going back to the land as a Style/Fasion statement.  Does this suggest that the farming life is merely a passing trend, like fashion tends to be?  I sure hope not… KS


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