WAMU airs back to back stories on Local Food


Photo is from Clagett Farm Notes: http://weblog.clagettfarm.org/volunteers/index.html 

If you woke up today to DC’s NPR station, WAMU you might have heard a feature about grass-fed beef in Maryland, mentioning the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Claggett Farm… also, this aired yesterday:  

Maryland Residents Urged To “Eat Local”

February 27, 2008 – Some lawmakers and environmentalists in Maryland want state residents to eat more locally grown food. State lawmakers are considering bills to require public schools to set aside one week during which their cafeterias would serve serve locally grown food. The measures also encourage schools to take students on field trips to local farms. Some environmentalists are also embracing the local food movement. Christopher Conner with University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Science says foundations have donated more than four hundred thousand dollars to educate Maryland farmers to use what’s known as environmentally friendly rotational grazing. Conner says locally grown food reduces energy costs and pollution because it doesn’t have to be transported very far.



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