Milestones in both seasons and food movement

Photos courtesy of the Washington Post
This morning I awoke to a Washington Post article on the “Rooted in DC” forum that took place on February 2nd.  Just as all gardeners anticipate the softening of the soil to indicate Spring, proponents of local food/community garden advocacy in DC, have long awaited attention.  The article highlights current gardens and the ‘activists’, as Higgins calls them, involved who tend to be within the 20-30 age bracket.  There’s certainly something to be said about this age group who are increasingly involved within the movement to not only be a part of knowing where one’s food comes from, but also young folks (like us) who want to grow food, become farmers, and support the marginalized who do not have as much access.
On the topic of new American farmers, our film should be released within the first few weeks of May, to which you should keep your eyes posted to our blog for upcoming events surrounding the premiere.  Events like a music festival out at my friend’s farm in Purcellville, VA at the Blueridge Center are soon to come.  Details to follow on that soon but mark your calendars for May 17th!  I’ve had the privilege to observe endless hours of footage of our bike tour that include a variety of folks in both urban and rural/semi rural areas that all share their observation on the growing momentum of the food movement and we look forward to sharing it with you all.
I also just visited the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) conference that took place in State College, PA this past weekend.  I attended it with two young farmy women who both work at Clagett Farm in Upper Marlboro, MD.  We not only took great solace in being surrounded by a vast number of intergenerational farmers in workshops like Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and year round solar passive greenhouses, but that we, as three young women, were also proud to grab hold of the radicalized, food baton and be a part of the connective thread of farmers.  Our only critique for change was that there were not so many people of color there which is indicative, I think, of past federal legislation of Reaganite days that dissuaded people of color to continue farming.  I’ll be presenting a paper at the “Interrogating Diversity” conference held by the Anthropology Department at American University on March 22nd focusing a bit on issues that I briefly mentioned, but that are based off of our film project.
Also later in March, as a part of a fundraiser for our film, Kat and Liz will be holding a Container Gardening workshop at a friend’s house.  For further details please email us at gardencycles[at]
So if you feel ‘academic’ come to the conference, and if you want to get your hands in the dirt (and I don’t blame you) then contact us and check out the workshop and support the Garden Cyclers.  Until then, live out the decreasing days of Winter…..***Larita


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