Encouraging the positive food continuem…

As the season quiets down with the onset of Winter, the Garden Cycles prepares itself for some upcoming visits at conferences and other local venues (to be announced as they draw closer) to share our trailer.  Our trailer certainly presents the positive impacts that folks throughout the Northeast are cultivating.  I think, however, they can be ignored when reading current articles like the recent Time’s “Extreme Eating” op-ed piece of Joel Stein.  His approach to a disagreement with the local food movement is reminiscent of elementary school children’s approach to conflict resolutions.  He seems bitter and all the more poorer for spending a bulk of cash on a fish industry that could very well be depleting fish populations as well as a people’s livelihoods as recently written in yesterday’s NY Times articleMoving forward, however, are groups at universities that are influencing change with gardens and sustainable agriculture awareness and local food purchasing power at their very own cafeterias like at UNC.  On our tour, we were impressed with Middlebury College’s efforts on having a farm and see it only growing at other schools.  Let’s keep on growing and we’ll keep you posted with upcoming events featuring our trailer!  -Larita


One response to “Encouraging the positive food continuem…

  1. I’m looking firward to viewing it at the DC urban gardening conference on Feb 2. See you all there.

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