Countdown to a New Year of Gardens and Sustainability


Recently, Grist Magazine put out their Top Ten Green Stories of 2007 and placed at #9 was “Local Food Get Hip”; a fact we are reminded about as more and more farmer’s markets sprout up, restaurants market value-added farm products, and hip happening epicurean culture makes local the ‘new organic’. 

 This return to local is great for farmers who can now make a decent living – and be recognized as the artisans they are – when tapping into these markets.  Keeping it local is also good for our economy at large, and sends a message to big agriculture.  And it goes without saying that the localvore craze is good for the consumer’s health. 

But we at the Garden Cycles want us to keep in mind that we should all be able to share the benefits of fresh, local food.  Programs like the Food Project in Boston and East New York Farms! in New York are turning the typical diets of urban youth upside down and teaching the about the benefits of local.  What’s “hip” about this local foods scene is that it takes place in gardens under subway tracks, in school cafeterias and in window boxes in apartment buildings all over the world. 

Let this inspiring, bottom-up local foods scene continue in the new year!  Consider donating to one of the urban garden projects we visited on our tour.  Viva!  KS


One response to “Countdown to a New Year of Gardens and Sustainability

  1. well said!

    it’s great, as always, to read your words of inspiration.

    love to you all from bangladesh.

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