Alleviating the potential with the LOCAL

IF you read this Sunday’s NY Times week in review or the BBC’s article on Monday, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the sensation of an apocalyptic collapse of our world as we know it.  Things do not look too hopeful in terms of our climate changing as well as the degree to which our nation and the globe are responding to the situation or the lack thereof. 

 But as the GCBT, we always like to try and twist reality in the light of focusing on what’s given and working with that to create something of inspiration and positive movement.  With that tradition, I direct you all to please read Chris Cook’s, from Diet for a Dead Planet, recent article in Grist.  He not only references to recent decisions to the Food/Farm Bill, but that we should also direct our attention, political support, and purchasing power to the local.  I think the quickest and the easiest way for this to happen is by acting on a local political level and this can happen in various ways.  Looking at the groups we have visited, one can see the degree to which any individual can participate in local food politics.  I think inevitably our society, as we know it in all of its luxury, will likely hit up against some bumps. If, however, we are to create stronger linkages among our own communities in the sufficiency we build in food, transportation, trust and health then I think we can alleviate the violent repercussions we might be faced with otherwise.

Let’s all hope that we can be inspired by what is occurring now, as in positive alternatives in the world, and try to emulate what they practice in our own home communities.  Perhaps our trailer could aid us all in this journey…Larita


One response to “Alleviating the potential with the LOCAL

  1. Your concern for humanity and our planet is evident in your insightful and encouraging words. Keep up the spirit, it’s ability to lift others to join this Locavore (people who think globally and buy locally sustainably grown organic produce) movement!!

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