Don’t let the Food Bill get you down….

As some of you may know, the long awaited Dorgan-Grassley amendent finally went to the Senate floor for debate, but did not get passed as both parties agreed to have a 60 in favor for approval when only 56 votes supported it.  The amendment is well known for bringing a cap on subsidies down to $250,000 from a previous $360,000 and close loopholes so that money is going to ‘actual’ farmers and not wealthy landowners.  Despite the sad news, it’s important to reflect on the reliance and strength that come from our very own communities and resources.  As the holidays arrive, below is a short piece to remind ourselves how to be stronger consumers in the choices we make.  If we cannot effectively influence our legislators, then at least we can try with our pocket books.  Buy small, or don’t buy at all, and grow it yourself!

Moveable Feast

Moveable Feasts

Monday, December 10, 2007

“The average American meal has traveled thousands of miles to reach your plate. We look into the history of food transportation, going back to the ancient Roman olive oil trade. Also, find out how you can help cut down on food waste this holiday season. ”

 To listen check out the website  Click on “shows” and “Leonard Lopate Show” from Monday, December 10th.


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