Back around and down through the “Green Mountain” state

route towards burlington, vt
We left the historic flatlands of Montreal down through the autumn spells of the Lake Champlain Islands. Who would have imagined such landscapes stood between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains of Vermont on Lake Champlain?? We spent a couple of days with the tv host of “Regeneration” while being treated well to the delicacies of permaculture and fine lake living. We are now in Burlington spending time with the Swenson family and visiting with the Intervale Center which provides a great deal of food for the urban region of Burlington as well as composting the city’s food waste. We’ll also go to a Bill Mckibben talk at the Unitarian Universalist Church as well as make our way to Middlebury college after having visited a hand powered Carnaval this weekend in Glover, VT. Lot’s to do and see but more to be shared soon…


3 responses to “Back around and down through the “Green Mountain” state

  1. Cool links, I especially liked the composting page for Intervail. Keep up the good work.

  2. love the flickr photos

    and glad you guys started posting on your blog

    I put a mention of your page on my page

    the blog is one time when cyclists do not mind traffic


  3. can’t believe all the stuff you have seen and can’t wait to hear about it when you are all back on terra firma.

    especially like the video – pretty fancy stuff.

    love you gals.


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