MONTREAL! (pictures and words to come)


We’ve made it!  To a whole new country on our quest to find innovative urban agriculture…. We’ll be spending most of our time here with Santropol Roulant – meals on wheels on bikes utilizing food grown on rooftops and urban lots!  So, stay tuned for more news on this great project as we cook and bike around with them.

Troy/Albany were great!  the Germantown Community Farm was too!  We’re so lucky to be able to hang out with and exchange ideas with such amazing people!  More soon!  Thanks for reading!


3 responses to “MONTREAL! (pictures and words to come)

  1. Hey, ladies! If you want to head my way and check out the hot CSAs, come to Northampton (and surrounding towns). I’m already installed. 202-234-1874.

  2. C’est magnifique! Vous etait arrive! I don’t remember enough French to know if that is right
    or not–but way to go! I hope that you have a great
    time in Montreal. Am enjoying the account of
    your adventures!
    love, Mark/dad

  3. hey kiddos,
    looks like you guys have been righteously rockin’ out this bike trip as we all knew you would. keep up the good work, enjoy the trip back—and i’ll see you guys on Lamont.
    much love

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