Troy, Albany! Yee Haw!


So, after a rawkus time in Poughkeepsie – including a night of fun at the county fair – we’ve made it to Troy, where we are staying with Allison of the Captial District Community Gardens, a 32-year old non-profit owrking with low income people to foster self sufficiency and nutrition, while transforming vacant lots into neighborhood gardens.  Yet another great organization.In between Poughkeepsie and Troy were several brief stops – one, to spend a night at The Bob, infamous traveler homestead, and another couple of days at the Germantown Community Farm, where we had a fabulous time picking blueberries, harvesting in their small CSA, cooking food together, tending to the goats and other livestock, and gazing at some country stars.  For our video project we were able to capture some wonderful conversations, but most importantly we were inspired by people our age who are doing the farm thing…


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